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We will get back to you shortly with a summary of the last Canadian Biomanufacturing Workshops held in Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver.


For the last 15 years, the main goal of Fondation Biotech Montréal (FBM) has been to promote the growth of the Canadian Life Sciences Industry in the area of Human Health. With the leadership of recognized industry members, the FBM, a non-for-profit organization, has worked hand in hand with NRC to provide a forum for technology transfer between Canadian research centres and industry by organizing different editions of the BioTransfer event in Toronto, Montréal and Boston. This success followed the previous 12 editions of the Crossroad of Biotechnology that attracted renowned international keynote speakers around the world to Montréal and gathered the whole biotech community within the walls of NRC-Royalmount.

Since 2016 and to continue in alignment with its mission, FBM is committed to promoting the development of a strong Biomanufacturing Sector in Canada in partnership with NRC – Human Health Therapeutics. This exciting undertaking needs to be developed not only by the FBM and NRC, but in collaboration with all stakeholders which will benefit from the economic impacts of manufacturing biologics in our country.

We hope that the consultation workshop on March 23rd will help identify the opportunities and challenges of biomanufacturing in Canada, and will pave the road to a bright future!

Your participation is greatly appreciated,


Nicola Urbani
President, Board of administrators

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